Paintless Dent Repair

Auto Hail Damage B and APaintless Dent Repair is also commonly referred to as PDR and is often the preferred method of repairing automobile hail damage in most cases. With the manufacturers use of more flexible metals and more paint resilient finishes on late model cars and trucks the results are typically 99.9 percent perfect when performed by a highly skilled professional PDR technician with years of experience.

Safe Auto PDR can carry out any repairs your insurance provider wants done to your vehicle. Sometimes after an accident or hail storm, insurance adjusters will look at your vehicle to determine the extent of damage and write the preliminary estimate for repair. At these drive-ins, they may try to lead their customers to their “direct repair” or “preferred” shops because their business is in the insurer’s financial interest — not necessarily because those shops perform higher-quality repairs. Additionally, smaller insurers may request that you produce more than one estimate for repair, although that is unnecessary per Colorado law.

Paintless Dent Repair onsite inspections at our facility are recommended because Safe Auto PDR is equipped with specialized lighting and we are experienced with claims adjusters. You can request the claim adjuster inspect your vehicle at our facility ensuring a more accurate inspection and eliminating cause for re-inspections and repair delays.

Professional Paintless Dent Repair in Aurora, CO is our business. Safe Auto PDR is committed to providing Coloradans with the perfect alternative to conventional Auto Body Repair. We are Better, Faster, Cheaper, Cleaner and Safer than any other Body Repair options available. Stop by and let us show you how our friendly staff can save you time and money. Service with a Smile!

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